The Numbers

Donations Raised


Direct donations


Private donors


Maddox Gallery #ArtForHeroes campaign



Support to date


items of PPE, food, gifts and services delivered across 49 hospitals (as of 19/5/20)

Expenditure to date


on 60 3D Printers and materials to produce 1000 personal protective visors a day at our 3D printing hub in London


on 3,720 bottles of hand sanitizer for distribution to GPs, hospices and community care


on polycotton material to produce 12,000 pairs of scrubs, and £3230.88 for haberdashery


for a refrigerated van to deliver up to 1,000 meals a day to London hospitals, hospices and GPs


on BSI certification for Oxford Inspired Snorkel mask


delivered in our first 17 support grants for healthcare workers in need



Budget April - June 2020


Print 150,000 3D Visors


Source and cut 12,000 scrubs


Print 12,500 PPE ID Photos


Production of Snorkel masks


Production of hand sanitizer


Deliver up to £50000 (min value £10) worth of food vouchers


Deliver up to £50000 worth of transport vouchers


Deliver £150,000 worth of hardship funds (75-400 grants)


Print 150,000 3D Visors


To fund a re-useable gown project



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