Dear friend,

Thank you for agreeing to help out with this endeavour. Our mission statement is to support, in big and small ways, the welfare and wellbeing of NHS staff as they fight COVID-19. We want to get things going ASAP. The virus is moving fast, so in order to support the staff on the frontline we need to move even faster.

We want to provide an avenue for the public to help out the effort. Our aims are to support the physical, mental, and day to day wellbeing of NHS staff across the nation. Physically to support the protection of our staff on the frontline. Mentally we aim to provide counselling and psychological services. Day to day we want to set up a hassle-free small grants service to support childcare, transport, to provide perks for hospital facilities and more. We want to use our platform to also provide public and professional education resources on coronavirus, and build a cross-professional platform to help share tips and advice.

We are a top-down, agile organisation that is built on trust. Together we can make the lives of those saving lives a little easier.

Thank you again,